Back Pain

stractural problems

"The structure defines the function". -Ida Rolf 

Structural problems can be a big and main reason for chronic pain and discomfort. The good news is, there is what to do with it. Sometimes it's a matter of intervention, sometimes it's a matter of education and additional or opposite practice. 

Many of us often get hooked on one or two kinds of movement - running, gym, Yoga. 

Whatever it is when it's not adjusted and suit our needs we can very often choose our favorites which very often means the ones that challenge us less.

For example, even if we lift heavy weights very often mobility can be challenging for us.

What can end up affecting our tissues and bones and hurt our structure. 

We all have compensations in our bodies, and we need to learn to work with them. 

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"After years of chronic back pains  -
Herniated disc and sciatica.
I'm not in pain anymore!
I don't have enough words to describe the wellbeing I regain in my body."


— Maya Peles, Tel Aviv

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