Dana is amazing. 
I suffered for many years with chronic back, shoulder and neck pain. I had tried many different types of treatment, medication, and pain relief, and had reached a point where I accepted that I would have to live with this chronic pain for the rest of my life. 
I first met Dana by attending one of her yoga classes and saw in her something I had never seen in any other yoga instructors/health care professional I had worked with. The depth of knowledge and understanding she has gained from her education and training was very clearly evident. With out me saying anything, Dana understood and could see so much in regards to my pain, and was able to provide me with alternative movements. Dana was able to gain a level of trust from me, which is not an easy thing to do with someone who is suffering chronic pain. 
I then began bodywork session with Dana. Once again I will say - Dana is amazing. Her sessions are like nothing I’ve experienced before. On top of Dana’s knowledge and experience, she is caring, sensitive, understanding, and paitent, - a natural healer. I feel completely at home with Dana. Dana creates a safe secure and supportive environment where I feel I can completely trust her. Dana has taught me so much about myself, and my body. She has given me knowledge and techniques to listen to my body and not only manage my pain, but prevent it.
Thank you Dana x

Amelia Richards

Stavanger, Norway

I worked with Dana for about 7 sessions total and definitely hope to continue in the future. Dana is very skilled, yet her approach feels different from all the other MER practitioners whose sessions I've attended. Her approach is subtle, yet the effects on the body-mind are very powerful. I really appreciated her presence and focused energy while working with me. I never felt rushed and I really enjoyed that she took the time to connect both before and after the session.

Alar Ojastu

Tallinn, Estonia

Dana is a naturally gifted, sensitive, profound, wise and very grounded bodywork therapist. Her sessions are something out of this world to me. No words I may use to describe the quality and depth of the work she is performing will ever do a fair judgement. It is something my mind cannot grasp and I lack the words to describe. 
No other therapy has ever brought me so many transformations at all levels. From chronic pain relief on both my shoulders to great positive changes in my body posture, her work as simply done wonders to me. For the fist time in my life I have started to grasp how it feels to feel myself, my body and how it feels to live free from chronic pains (something I had never achieved with any other kind of therapy so far) and in connection with my body. 
I have done only about 5 sessions so far and I am extremely amazed with the results. I will definitely continue doing more .

I am eternally grateful to you Dana. Thank you!

Edgar Fernandes

Stavanger, Norway

I had perhaps 4 group sessions with Dana. What I remember and got out from there, was noticing my own body language in different ways, in gentle and caring ways. She always noticed, when something happened with me and turned my attention to there. Basically these sessions helped me to notice my own body more and come 'home' there, where is actually the safest place in this world, to be. I tended to be 'in my thoughts a lot' and this very often - is very lonely and lost place to travel.. especially when I actually have this period of time in this beautiful body on this Earth.
Exploring my body is a gift, is what I got. Thank you! 

Kadi Nool

Tallinn, Estonia

I have known Dana for 3 years now and have been present to her personal and professional development. I have put myself in her hands, on her table several times....and will continue to do so...I am a Dance Movement and Somatic therapist of almost 30 years...I know what I am looking for when I choose to put myself in someone else's hands...I want to feel held in a spacious field..I want to be touched in a way that supports and at times guides my personal investigations and I want presence in an environment of stillness. These I have on Dana's table...under Dana's touch.

Gina Ora Yoli


I wouldn't believe I would stop complaining on my pains, after years of chronic back pains due to herniated disc and sciatica. I'm not in pain any more! I don't have enough words to describe the wellbeing I regain in my body, due to Dana's sessions. 

Maya Peles Biderman

Tel Aviv, Israel

Dana is a skilled bodyworker, masseur and mycofascial traumatherapist, who knows what she is doing ! I feel totally safe in her hands, even when the pressure and intervention is going deep, and triggeres old impulses and emotions stored in my mycofascial structure. Danas proffesional treatment is bases on many years of experience and a multitude of educational trainings that support eachother. She works intuitive and has the ability to listen to the unspoken needs of the client, as well as respect the clients personal limitations andintegrity. I recommend her soft, and yet strong and supportive sessions.

Mariel Kvaale

Oslo, Norway

Hey Dana! Thank you again. What you do and how you facilitate, is inspiring. The last workshop wasn't an easy one for me because of that interesting incident. But it gave me an opportunity to practice immediately what I learned..

Kadri Ilves

Tallinn, Estonia

I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks for many years due to the fact I grew up in times of war, the bodywork therapy session allow something in me to completely stop, my head wasn't running in thoughts. and fears. it was so new for me, something in me completely let go. thank you. 


Valga, Estonia

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