Rebalancing is a deep bodywork. 

It was created in the late '70s, when different body-oriented work/ therapists - 

Neo Reichian, Rolfing - structural integration practitioners, Feldenkrais students, Tragering,  Alexander Technique, got together.

In Rebalancing, we use different techniques - 

Soft, deep tissue manipulation, and fascia release.

Joint Release

Breath and Energy Work

CranioSacral Bodywork

Body Awareness Training

Tre - trauma release exercise. 


The treatment plan usually includes a series of ten to twelve sessions,

Through the series  we build each session on each other,

we start from the outer layer and slowly we orient ourselves to the deep core muscles. 


However, each session is complete in itself.



Structural Integration

Myofascial Release

Bodynamic - 

Somatic psychology