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Somatic therapy

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Every experience we had in our life, from war to passionate love story give it signs on our

body structure and effect his function.

"The structure define the function." - Ida Rolf.

The body remember every event we experienced, for example, trauma can cause some tissue to get into shock state and create a shield that might limit our movement and hurt our stability.

Cause pains and chronic disease and stop or limit our inner natural flow of life (blood circulate, breathing and metabolism).

Through bodywork we allow the tissues to rearrange, let go of old patterns and create lightness and easiness in the body.

The method created at the second ending of the 70's when different approaches started to arrive to Osho center in Pune. Between them also the Rolfing by Dr. Ida Rolf, Biochemistry that searched for medical solution for problems that they source was the body structure.

She focused on the causes for the damaged tissue and their impact on the stability and the health. She created a series of 10 sessions that their aim is to Re-educate the body.

The diagnosis is done mainly by observation, what we call body scanning. We look at the body shape and structure, joints movement and off course the story that the person comes with.

In our foundation we have "body structures" theory of Reich and Lowen.

The method allows us to observe our structure, the physical but also the personal, the behaviour patterns, the emotional and the mental.

For me personally it was and still a life changer. I got into the bodywork due to a chronic pain in my shoulder and it ended up to be one of my deepest processes, I guess because it was in my body, out of my intellectual range. My body and my chronic pain change but more then that I got in touch with something deeper in me that create it in the first place, the structure and the pain.

The emotional part of this process was so strong and profound for me, that when I continued my studies together with the bodywork I continued with body psychotherapy to deep in the structures and the emotional part of it.

Each structure related to developmental stage in our childhood, something that we perceived, certain function that created patterns, physical holdings and structure.

That affect our life, physically or emotionally even today as adults.

Physical observation -

“The main cause of pain and tension in the body is over-contraction of the five types of Soft Tissue: Muscle, Fascia, Skin, Ligament and Nerves. This chronic tension blocks circulation, oxygen and energy to these soft and sensitive tissues. The contracted tissue presses on pain receptors causing 90 percent of the ocean of chronic pain that humanity suffers from. with deep tissue bodywork and through re-educating we will learn how to release the cause of chronic pain - the over contraction of soft tissues.

As we open the body’s deeper soft tissue layers we encounter stuck energy in the form of shortened, hardened tissue. You will be taught skillful, sensitive touch we release these energy blocks.

We will learn to activate the body’s natural ability for self-regulation and healing with Myofascial Unwinding and Trauma Healing. The client discovers through the work of the practitioner a new awareness of dysfunctional patterns and beliefs that laid the foundations for their painful predicament.“ Satyarthi Deva - MER.

I work with physical cases and emotional,

Back Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Jaw Pain (TMJ), Migraines, Cervical Pain, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Shoulder Pain, Headaches, Hip Pain, Depression, Pelvic Pain. Want to know more?