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Coming back home to the body

Healing pain syndromes

Pain is something that really affects by disrupting our everyday life and can be a devastating experience.

Becoming completely immobile, the sudden switch from full capability and self-sufficiency to helplessness and dependency adds a psychological component of resignation, fear, and frustration.

People who suffer, freeze, and contract, even more, stop moving from the fear of causing and increasing their pain.

Chronic and acute pain is a result of over contracted soft tissue - Fascia.

Fascia is the name given to the body connective tissue, this tissue holds all the body together,

when one part moves the whole body responds. Every cell of the body has a wrapping of connective tissue: every layer of muscle has its own wrapping, every system of the body.

If for example, we could magically take away all other tissues, you will have the exact

form of the whole body, just from the Fascia itself.

It's a whole-body communication network.

Fascia in its natural state is strong, elastic, resilient, and fluid allowing for balanced movement and adaptability to stress. When it unhealthy, which is often the case due to our modern, inactive lifestyle and our psychological and emotional holding it tends to dry up and become glued to adjacent structures, restricting movement, blocking circulation, and cutting off the energy flow.

My teacher Satyarthy Pelquin says that 95% of pain comes from soft tissue

spasm. it means that all those who suffer from low back pain, sciatica,

jaw pain (TMJ), Fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow,

shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain, and hip pain can be pain-free.

I see evidence for it in my clinic and most important I know it personally from my own body.

All of us have muscles that are chronically contracted, forming rigid holding patterns throughout the body, but most of the time we don't feel this as pain, because at a certain level of contraction our nervous system shuts down to sensations; becoming numb. but if we suddenly take on additional load of stress, emotional or psychological problems caused by difficulties in family, love life or work - the muscles will contract even more to the point where they register as pain.

our bodies are an outer manifestation of our inner emotional and psychological life.

How many of us ever learned in school how our bodies function and grow, how they communicate with us and how important touch is for health?

working with the body draw out our inner knowledge and intelligence that no amount of study, reading or memorizing can ever bring to us.

The key concept here is education as well as intervention.

Almost all of us have the wrong attitude about pain. because it's so uncomfortable, we just want to make it go away with any kind of quick fix. But really, it's a sign, a well-intended signal from the body that something is wrong.

Pain is hard-wired into our nervous system for very basic and important purpose:

to keep us healthy.

It deserves our respect, attention, and understanding.

Resources: Myofascial energetic release with Satyarthi Peloquin

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