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Coming back home to the body


Pain has a tendency to contract us, stop us or limit our movement, and very often, create fear in us. 
We stop moving because we fear evoking more pain. We compensate for our breath and by doing that, we usually cause more pain.  

I'm a big believer in education, alongside and sometimes even before the intervention. 

In this program, you will learn small, simple steps to help you move with pain, with the fear of the pain, and unwind the contraction that causes the pain. 

This program is perfect for cases of sudden acute pain, 
kind of tool kit that is great to have. 
If you carry chronic pain in your body, this program probably will not be the thing that will solve it. But, it will be a great tool for you to practice while or alongside any intervention. 

This program does not replace professional advice. If you feel not sure please consult your medical doctor. 

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