Movement is an integral part of our ability to heal and release chronic pains, the movement keeps the plasticity of our body and fascia, stimulates our system by rushing our blood and brings oxygen to our muscles, renewing the flow within us. In modern life we find ourselves way too often seating in front of the screen and over contracted tissue often stiff our tissues, contracted and stop out inner natural flow. 

We were born to move! 

working with pain  

 The majority of chronic pains are due to our posture. The way we stand, walk, seat, and hold our bodies.      
The daily, repetitive movements we do and the way we do it. 

Pain has a tendency in us to contract, freeze, sometimes numb parts of our body, they all limit our movement and increase and expand our pains. 


Join this seminar to get to know more! 


Dynamic Resilience: MyoFascial Yoga Flow

Our bodies contain 70% liquids, yet most of us move in quite restrict & rigid way. A lot of our holding & movement patterns create it this way, being connected, affect, and affected by the state of our soft tissue (Fascia). 


Myo stand for muscle, 
Fascia stands for our connective tissue. 

Through the practice, in a playful & mindful way we will reconnect and explore how we Move Through and Live In our bodies. 

Mindful Yoga Flow


Fusion of Hatha (Yin) Yoga with breath & Pranayama work.

Long stay in positions, integrate breath into movement, suitable for people who need to take the practice easy, to work deep in a slow rhythm. 

awakening the core   

Vinyasa Yoga with Breath & Pranayama work. Soft - Dynamic, fiery flow, guided and supported by the rhythm of our breath. 

Suitable for whoever wants to bring more fluidity movement to their body. Strengthen the core and bring more ease to the rest of the body.