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Coming back home to the body


As a new mom, I limit my availability at the moment for individual sessions to very few clients a quarter,

with priority given to the ones in an ongoing process.  

Sessions are in person or online (in cases that allow it).

Sessions are 90 minutes long. 

Please write to me to check availability and for any further questions.  

Sand Dunes

Dana is amazing. 
I suffered for many years with chronic back, shoulder and neck pain. I had tried many different types of treatment, medication, and pain relief, and had reached a point where I accepted that I would have to live with this chronic pain for the rest of my life. 
I first met Dana by attending one of her yoga classes and saw in her something I had never seen in any other yoga instructors/health care professional I had worked with. The depth of knowledge and understanding she has gained from her education and training was very clearly evident. With out me saying anything, Dana understood and could see so much in regards to my pain, and was able to provide me with alternative movements. Dana was able to gain a level of trust from me, which is not an easy thing to do with someone who is suffering chronic pain. 
I then began bodywork session with Dana. Once again I will say - Dana is amazing. Her sessions are like nothing I’ve experienced before. On top of Dana’s knowledge and experience, she is caring, sensitive, understanding, and paitent, - a natural healer. I feel completely at home with Dana. Dana creates a safe secure and supportive environment where I feel I can completely trust her. Dana has taught me so much about myself, and my body. She has given me knowledge and techniques to listen to my body and not only manage my pain, but prevent it.
Thank you Dana x

Amelia Richards. Stavanger, Norway

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