Chronic pain syndroms

When all my own entrance to this world started, it started from here - from chronic pain I had for 15 years. I know how much it can scary and frustrated, how many trails fail with no solution. Sometimes even medical intervention. 

This is what worked for me, since 2014 I'm free from the chronic pain. And I'm here to offer this solution to you. In the last 6 years, I'm working with different chronic pain syndromes - Herniated disc, sciatica,  frozen shoulder, and also in the last 2 years I got to work with Fibromyalgia.  

I invite you to schedule a free call, to get to know and see how and if I could support you too, 


"After years of chronic back pains  -
Herniated disc and sciatica.
I'm not in pain anymore!
I don't have enough words to describe the wellbeing I regain in my body."

— Maya Peles, Tel Aviv

Chronic Pain Syndroms

Stractural Problems

Trauma Related Body

Body Awareness 

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