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Coming back home to the body


Somatic psychotherapist,

Specialize in work with chronic, psychosomatic symptoms and pains. 


Support women to reconnect with their wise bodies, 

so they could move and live, freely and fully. 

By integrating manual therapies with somatic psychology. 

I believe our bodies speak to us,
they are storytellers,
and they hold the memories of what we have forgotten.
they hold what we were afraid to express.​

I believe pain, physical & emotional,

is a symptom, a reaction,

a sign, a call, a messenger,

a way for the body to ask for our attention.

But it was only a belief until it happened in my body.

My Story

Body-mind connection fascinates me and evokes my curiosity since my youth.

In the last 17 years, I follow this curiosity and study conventional and non-conventional therapies.

My education started with psychology studies. I was always curious about different therapy modalities and was naturally pulled to experience and explore; I did many additional pieces of training in things like Family constellation, group processes & psychodrama, Non-violence communication, Bach flowers, and Theta Healing. 

I studied with Dr. Arnold Holtzman the creator of Psycho-diagnostic Chirology (PDC). Later enrolled in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. 

But in 2012 I reached a breaking point, Psychology studies, and transpersonal psychotherapy didn’t satisfy my curiosity.

It all felt very mental for me and I missed the body.

Movement and the body were always a big part of my life.

I was gymnastic as a child, a daughter to a Feldenkrize® teacher, and later in my youth Yoga and Partner-Acrobatic came into my life, and naturally, I became a teacher. 

Between 2012-2015 I was working as a pedagogic leader, part of my role was to bring movement arts and art into the work with the children. 

In 2014 I formed groups for children and their parents for playful movement together, intending to strengthen their bond and connection. What later became 'Family Playground'.  

In 2012 chronic pain I carried since I was 15, erupted and completely changed my life.

I tried literally EVERYTHING to “fix it” but nothing lasted more than a few days.

Then I got an insight,

My body doesn’t need to be fixed - it needs to Relearn something.


It ended up being a life-changing process for me, 

where my two fields of interest and curiosity - the body and the mind,

reunited and became one.

Where childhood trauma was touched safely and transformed,

and my chronic pain was almost gone.

This experience fueled my curiosity and lead me until today to continue my education with the leading experts in the field. To bring forth and be the bridge of integration between them.  

Since 2014, I offer bodywork therapy in my practice. 

From 2016 to 2020 I studied Somatic Developmental Psychology, 

at the Bodynamic International. 

I love to learn, and in the somatic field, I'm always also a student.

Continue to learn and develop in all the new discoveries and research that is available for us today. 

My body doesn't need to be fixed,

it needs to relearn something. 

Credentials § Certificates 

• Somatic Developmental Psychology practitioner - Bodynamic International

• Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory - training with Stephen W. Porges, Ph.D.

Manual Therapist -

• Rebalancing,

• Structural Integration,

• MER - MyoFascial energetic release.


• Myofascial professional seminars with Tom Mayers.

• Fascia and the nervous system, Dr, Robert Schleip.

• Developmental trauma training with Ditte Marcher, Bodynamic International. 

• Attachment, bonding and connectedness with Ditte Marcher, Bodynamic International. 

• Emotions in motion with Ditte Marcher, Bodynamic International. 

• Professional Seminars with Dr. Gabor Mate

• Developmental trauma - Trauma, Development, and Attachment with Raja Selvam, PhD. Integral somatic psychology. 

• Work with patterns that sustain depression, NICABM

• Treating trauma, NICABM

• Working with shame, NICABM

EABP member. (the European association for body psychotherapy). 

ABP (Association for Bodynamic psychology) member and board member.  

Looking forward to meeting you, 


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