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About me

Body-mind connection fascinates me and evokes my curiosity since my youth.

In the last 17 years, I follow this curiosity and study conventional and non-conventional therapies.

My education started with psychology studies. I was always curious about different therapy modalities and was naturally pulled to experience and explore; I did many additional trainings in things like Family constellation, group processes & psychodrama, Non-violence communication, Bach flowers, Theta Healing. 

I studied with Dr. Arnold Holtzman the creator of Psycho-diagnostic Chirology (PDC). Later enrolled in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. 

But in 2012 I reached a breaking point, Psychology studies and transpersonal psychotherapy didn’t satisfy my curiosity.

It all felt very mental for me and I missed the body.

Movement and the body were always a big part of my life.

I was gymnastic as a child, a daughter to a Feldenkrize® teacher, and later in my youth Yoga and Partner-Acrobatic came into my life, and naturally, I became a teacher. 

Between 2012-2015 I was working as a pedagogic leader, part of my role was to bring movement arts and art into the work with the children. 

In 2014 I formed groups for children and their parents for playful movement together, with the intention of strengthening their bond and connection what later became 'Family Playground'.  

In 2013 chronic pain I carried since I was 15, erupted and completely changed my life.

I tried literally EVERYTHING to “fix it” but nothing lasted more than a few days.
Then I got an insight, My body doesn’t need to be fixed - it needs to Re-learn something.

It ended up being a life-changing process for me.

Since 2014, I offer bodywork therapy in my practice, the first certification as a Rebalancing therapist (Structural integration), and later, MER (Myofascial Energetic Release)


Since 2016 I'm a student for Somatic Developmental Psychology, 

at the Bodynamic International

EABP member. (the European association for body psychotherapy). 

I love to learn, in the somatic field I'm always also a student.

Continue to learn and develop in all the new discoveries and research that is available for us today. 

Some of what I've been up to until now - 

Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory - training with Stephen W. Porges, Ph.D. 

Myofascial professional seminars with Tom Mayers. 

Developmental trauma training with Ditte Marcher 

Attachment, bonding and connectedness with Ditte Marcher

Seminar with Dr. Gabor Mate

I believe pain, like many other physical & emotional reactions, is a symptom, a sign, a call, a messenger, a way of the body to ask for our attention.

But it was only a belief until it happened in my body.

I believe our bodies speak to us,
they are storytellers,

they hold the memories of what we have forgotten.
they hold what we were afraid to express.

  • In our posture,

  • In the way we hold ourselves,

  • In the way, we integrate stress,

  • In our sensory integration,

  • and also in our pains.

Looking forward to meet you, 


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