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Coming back home to the body

We live in a world that so often separates our bodies and our hearts/minds.

When we hurt in our bodies,

we go to a physical therapy

and leave our emotions

and life experiences out the door.

We do the same the other way,

when we are hurt emotionally,

we so often seat and talk about our experiences and

leave our bodies out of the door.

When in fact, the two are so often connected. 


I hope in this space,

whether in person or here via the virtual 

is to offer you


What started with my search and curiosity many years ago,

and became my heart's mission.


See you around,


Sand Dunes

"Dana's professional treatment is based on many years of experience and a multitude of educational training that support each other. She works intuitively and has the ability to listen to the unspoken needs of the client, as well as respect the client's personal limitations and integrity. I recommend her soft, and yet strong and supportive sessions."

Mariel Kvaale, Oslo

Sand Dunes

I had perhaps 4 group sessions with Dana. What I remember and got out from there, was noticing my own body language in different ways, in gentle and caring ways. She always noticed, when something happened to me and turned my attention to there. Basically, these sessions helped me to notice my own body more and come 'home' there, which is actually the safest place in this world, to be. I tended to be 'in my thoughts a lot' and this very often - is a very lonely and lost place to be. Exploring my body is a gift, is what I got. Thank you! 

Kadi Nool. Tallinn, Estonia

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