Coming Back Home To The Body

Hi, I'm Dana

Welcome to my clinic.


We live in a world that so often separate between our bodies and our hearts/mind.

When we hurts in our bodies,

we go to a physical therapy

and leave our emotions

and life experiences out the door.

We do the same the other way,

when we hurts emotionally,

we so often seat and talk our experiences and

leave our body out of the door.


I hope in this space,

weather if in person or here via the virtual 

is to offer you


What started with my own search and curiosity many years ago,

and became my heart mission.


here you can find,

opportunities for individual sessions,

info about seminars and courses.



scroll around for tutorials, articles.

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See you around,


Sand Dunes
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"Danas professional treatment is bases on many years of experience and a multitude of educational trainings that support each other.She works intuitive and has the ability to listen to the unspoken needs of the client, as well as respect the clients personal limitations and integrity.I recommend her soft, and yet strong and supportive sessions."

Mariel Kvaale, Oslo

Leading programs

Offered online 

The Art Of Working With Pain

Educational seminar.

Built on 4 weekly classes of 1.5 hour + Integration class.

In depth learning of the different systems that take part in cases of pain and how they interact with each other.


For professionals and curios people.  

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Moving with pain

Most of us have the wrong attitude when it comes to pain, we fear it, we freeze and stop moving in the face of it. We look for the quick fast fix and many times we end up with more pain.

In this program you'll learn simple, practical tools to be able to work with your day to day pains and discomforts and avoid from them becoming chronic. 


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Awaken The Body

We live in mostly mental world and many of us feel numb or completely disconnected from our bodies. We pay high price for it in our well being. 


In this 12 weeks process we move through segments of the body to realign, rebalance and encourage our natural body abilities -

to sense, to feel, to heal. 

Coming in November 2022